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Pulsebay is a coworking and virtual office company in Pondicherry. We offer elegant coworking spaces plans for you and your business. Startups, SMEs, Local Businesses, independent contractors, work from home professionals, freelancers, remote workers and people who travel frequently, seeking space and community with a collaborative spirit can join us. We are not just a coworking space, we are a community.

Coworking Space

A perfect alternative to working from home. Our workplace with 350+ seats offers many perks and an inspiring work environment. Atmosphere, Location, Community, Features and Safety are highlights of our workspace. We provide hourly, daily, weekly and monthly Flexi plans to suit your needs.

Meeting Rooms

Our collaboration stations aka meeting rooms can be used to strike a deal, meet customers, conduct interviews and of course breed creativity. We have 4 meeting rooms that are spacious, well equipped and can be customized to accommodate up to 20 people.

Virtual Office for GST

Save your business from bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office for GST. No office lease, no utility payments, no hardware or costs of having a brick and mortar space. Get GST for your business in our premium location. We are here to help you.

Bespoke Space Solutions

We offer tailored spaces and infrastructure solutions. Our transformation team can help reduce your current operation costs by design thinking approach and offering a bespoke solution according to your requirements.

Our workspace offering starts from 3999₹ onwards!

Dedicated Office space

Secure and dedicated office space customised to your requirements.

Dedicated Cabin

CEO cabin, Single Manager cabins for managers with storage cabinet.

Open Seating

Community-oriented open space to give you a rich experience of working with an open mind.


Our features go beyond the basics to give our members something unique, bringing together the best aspects and flexibility of a modern working space.

Leased Internet

Reliable internet is our foremost priority. Our enterprise leased internet connection is class A providing both 5GHz and 2.5 GHz wireless to suit your needs. We also have a backup internet just to make sure that you remain connected to the world at all costs.


We love nature but overheated workplace could affect productivity, so let's say we want you to be chill. A comfortable environment is a key to success. For better energy efficiency as well as comfort, our modular aircon are independently controlled within the space.

Inverter Power Backup

Power outage and maintenance rarely occur in Pondicherry but when it happens we want to make sure you are not interrupted. Our 100 KVA Generator and 60KV online UPS ensures your systems and all basic facilities run uninterrupted.

Basement Parking

We provide secure free two-wheeler and hourly paid car parking for the safe and efficient passage of automobiles for our customers and their guests.

Customer Lounge

Our customer lounge with its exemplary interior design gives your customers, guests, a comfortable and relaxing place to sit, wait and relax.

Dining Area & Canteen

Our dedicated dining area located on the 2nd floor, furnished with dining tables, chairs to munch and enjoy your food. There is also an integrated canteen where you can indulge your taste buds.

Secured Premise

Our security guard ensures the overall safety of your possessions, yourself and the premises. we have a 24/7 CCTV circuit laid and running for safety and security.

Ondemand Tech Support

Our tech engineer can help you to maintain, fix and troubleshoot your computer hardware and software systems. Available on-demand to help you always.

Meeting Room

We have 5 meeting rooms of different sizes to meet your needs. Use this facility to meet your customers, conduct interviews or when you want to make that super-secret private call.

Our Premises

Shanmugapuram Branch

what our customers say


Its great place for coworkers in Puducherry, we can get all the facilities needed for an office at an affordable price. Its pleasant to work here and grow the business to next level

Seenivasan V

Yunus Environment Hub


Happy to have used this space. Beautifully designed ,well maintained and neatly organized interior spaces. Such a co operating, flexible and professional service rendered by the Pulsebay Team.

Praveen Kumar

MARG Institute of Design and Architecture


little paradise for digital nomads passing in Pondicherry. The place has REALLY fast connection, power backups, cold A/C and a quiet atmosphere to get productive. I will definitely come back. The owners are really friendly, flexible and helpful. Recommended!

Raul Amoros Quirante



I've had a brilliant experience thus far with Pulsebay. I took their domiciliation services for one year. The communication was seamless right from the beginning, Mr Sankar has been very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Pulsebay.

Akshay Jain

Dimensions France


A workspace with amazing aesthetics, facilities and backup internet connection in case of downtime. Very professional environment.

Vivekanand Kalaivanan


Using the space for past 5months, good place to work peacefully with high speed internet, air conditioned, central access to grab things in a minute on the work go...Flexible contract

Kamaraj Chinnadurai

Floating Solutions Consulting

Our Premises

White Town Branch

Our Customers believe in us


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