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GeneralFebruary 2022 Updates from Pulsebay Coworking

February 2022 Updates

Excited to know what's new? We are expanding and more !

I would like to start by thanking you all for your continued support and trust in Pulsebay coworking. Without you, we are not where we are now! I hope you had a great start of New Year 2022 and would like to take this opportunity to share some important announcements and updates about us.

Update 1: Launch of Meeting room booking system

We are happy to announce the launch of the meeting room booking system meeting.pulsebay.inYou can now book the meeting rooms as and when required. Currently, there are four meeting rooms:
  • 12 seater meeting room on First Floor
  • 4 seater meeting room on Ground Floor – 2 nos
  • New 12 seater meeting room on Third Floor – Currently under construction

We implemented this system because

  1. Everyone can plan and get fair usage of the meeting rooms 
  2. To keep track of your free and paid meeting room usage stats
  3. To see the availability of meeting rooms by everyone. 

Update 2: Launch of Cafe & Library

For the convenience of everyone, our admin team launched a canteen with super affordable pricing. You can now safely uninstall all the food delivery apps and indulge in smoky Cutlets, Veg, Panner and Chicken rolls, Veg, Cheese, Paneer Sandwich, Bread & Onion Omelette and Fries. When it comes to beverages, the cafe serves Lemon, Mint Lemon Tea, Fresh Juices and buttermilk.

Coworking Library 

Now that we placed a library exclusively for you, Stop fiddling with the Instagram reels. With about 1500 books, this is a mini library to sharpen your skills and decrease your screen time. 

Rules for the library

  1. You can use the dining area for reading
  2. Please do not take the books while consuming food or beverages to avoid any spillage.
  3. In case you are planning to borrow it for reading in your workplace or home, you are free to take one book at a time. Kindly make an entry in the logbook available with the cafe assistant. We expect you to return the book in 30 days.
  4. Your guests are prohibited from using or borrowing since it’s an exclusive library only for members of Pulsebay coworking. 

Update 3: Make use of the support portal

As a people-first company, it is our utmost priority to handle our customer needs, so we implemented a support portal at http://support.pulsebay.in/. It’s time to rename community manager David’s contact as a Super emergency and always use our support portal for any requests. This helps us prioritise your requests and act accordingly. We divided the portal into 4 categories as

  • General Support – to log any general query, complaint or request
  • Billing – to log any requests related to billing, invoice, GST and finance
  • Infrastructure – to log any infrastructure requests or complaints including Internet and other operation services
  • Sales – to know more about our offerings and services, to plan expansion and opt for new services

Why should you use a support portal?

  1. Your request is acknowledged and can be tracked
  2. To streamline your requests and communication with our support executives
  3. To keep track of the status of your requests
  4. For evaluation of our service, analytics and improvement. 

Update 4: Big News! We are expaaaaaanding…

As you must have already noticed, we did a partial expansion during November 2021 on the 3rd floor to cater for the needs of 3 seater office rooms. We constructed about 6 office rooms. Due to the increasing demand, we are doing the following major expansion

  • One 12 seater meeting room
  • A private and closed space of 10 seaters + 1 manager room for a client
  • 6 more 3 seater office rooms
  • 56 open seatings 

What’s in our roadmap for this year?

Now that we almost reached our capacity for this building, we are planning to do two things 

  1. Retrospect, gather feedback and improve our service and operation in this building. We are strategizing to improve parking space, automate operations, save power when not in use and do everything to provide the best service as always. 
  2. We believe pulsebay coworking is not just a place to work, it is a community. To empower it, we are planning to organize several events starting with an event for networking of business owners/managers in pulsebay to get to know about each other, celebrate festivals and run some cool contests. (Hey you know what?  Our support portal is all dried up and waiting to hear suggestions from you on ways to strengthen our community and make this place as fun as possible.
  3. This year, we are planning to expand to one more building in and around Pondicherry to grow the community of pulsebay.

Wrapping with the updates, I wish you all good health and success in your endeavours. Grow with us…

Executive Director,
Pulsebay Private Limited